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Cecep was a Writer-in-Residence in South Korea (Korea Literature Translation Institute, 2006), Malaysia (Rimbun Dahan Arts Residency, 2007-2008), Hungary (Magyar Forditohaz, 2009/2015), Czech (Indonesian Embassy in Prague, 2009), Australia (Bundanon Arts Residency and University of Technology Sydney, 2009). Guest Poet in China (Xian-xi Writers Association, 2014).


Cecep Hari

Indonesian Poet & Writer



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"I was surprised when I read the sentence: For me loneliness has become a creative epistemologist. The feeling of loneliness always brings me into a creative atmosphere. In addition, this feeling of loneliness always reminds me not to depend on others and other things ... This response is exactly the same as the views of the late Pak Pramoedya Ananta Toer. There is no way Cecep has been influenced by Pak Pram. I made a decision that excellent writers use their loneliness to produce their excellent works." (Prof. Dr. Koh Young Hun. Professor at Hankuk University for Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea).


"Reading the thoughts that sticking out from a poet who has the ability to write essays who are also involved in cultural practices is always interesting. This book is worth reading by anyone." (Dr. Tommy Christomy. Researcher and Senior Lecturer at University of Indonesia).


542 pages..Genre: Essay.  Language: Indonesian. Publisher: Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital. First published in 2013. Published as Digital Edition: December, 2018.


Catatan Kesepian Seorang Penyair di Kota Seoul dan 45 Esai Lainnya (Solitude Notes of a Poet in Seoul City and 45 Other Essays) is a selected collection of essays on issues concerning the development of contemporary poetry, literary thoughts, literary education, cultural life, and humanitarian impressions. Of the more than one hundred essays written between 1990-2011, forty-six essays were selected and included in this book, classified according to the theme into six sections.


Cecep’s poetry book, Perahu Berlayar Sampai Bintang (The Boat is Sailing to the Stars) has been selected as one of five finalists of a leading Indonesian literary award, Khatulistiwa Literary Award, 2008 ~ 2009.

Short Story 

Cecep’s short story, Partita No. 3 in E for Solo Violin, has been selected as one of 22 Best Indonesian Stories of KOMPAS National Newspaper and published in Derabat: Selected Stories of KOMPAS (Penerbit Buku Kompas, 1999).


Rocking the Land of Light (Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2019); Menimang Negeri Cahaya (Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2013); On a Piece of Mersawa Leaf (Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2013); Meninggalkan Praha (Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2013); Perahu Berlayar Sampai Bintang (Penerbit Kiblat, 2009); Two Seasons: Selected Poems Bilingual Edition (Orfeus Books, 2007. Published with the support of the Korea Literature Translation Institute); 21 Love Poems (Orfeus Books, 2006; Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2013); Efrosina (Orfeus Books, 2002; HORISON, 2005; Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2013); Kenang-kenangan (Forum Sastra Bandung, 1996); Dua Wajah (Forum Sastra Bandung, 1992).



Catatan Kesepian Seorang Penyair di Kota Seoul dan 45 Esai Lainnya (Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2013).

Poems and Essays

Mazmur Mawar: Puisi dan Esai 2013-2018 (Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2019).

Short Stories

Partita No. 3 (Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2013); Seribu Camar Narrawa (Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2013); Saya Tahu, Saya akan Mati, di Laut (Penerbit Buku Kompas, 2003).


Soska (Penerbit Hikayat 2006; Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital, 2013).


Perajin Kaca: 100 Puisi Hongaria (Perajin Kaca: Selected Contemporary Hungarian Poetry, Penerbit Kiblat, 2009. Published with the support of the Hungarian Book Foundation); Rumah Seberang Jalan (selected short-stories of R.K. Narayan, India writer, Matra Media Foundaton, 2002. Published with the support of the Toyota Foundation); Kisah-kisah Parsi (Persian Tales, four volumes, 1998); Ringkasan Sahih Bukhari/Summarized Sahih Al-Bukhari (Mizan Publisher, 1997); Para Pemabuk dan Putri Duyung (selected poems of Pablo Neruda, Chile poet, FSB Publisher, 1996); Hikayat Kamboja (selected poems of D.J. Enright, English poet, FSB Publisher, 1996).


Cecep’s translation  works published in Indonesian magazines, journals, and newspapers, among others are: works of Ignazio Silone, Liam O’Flaherty, Seamus Heaney, Sommerset Maugham, Virginia Woolf, Thomas Transtromer, Jaroslav Seifert, Joseph Brodsky, Milan Rufus, Mo Yan, Kim Chun-su, Ch'on Sang-pyong, Hadaa Sendoo, Mahmoud Darwish, Khaled Mattawa.


Mengantar Sastra kepada Siswa (editor with Taufiq Ismail, HORISON and Ford Foundation 2006); Horison Esai Indonesia (editor with Taufiq Ismail, two volumes, HORISON and Ford Foundation, 2004); Horison Sastra Indonesia (editor with Taufiq Ismail, four volumes, HORISON and Ford Foundation 2003).

International Journals, Compilations, Magazines

Poems in Heat Literary International (Sydney, Australia, 1999); An essay in Beth E. Kolko, Writing in an Electronic World: A Rhetoric with Readings (Longman, USA, 2000); Poems in Harry Aveling, Secrets Need Words: Indonesian Poetry 1966-1998 (Ohio University Press, USA, 2001); Poems in Wasafiri (London, England, 2003); A short-story in Orientierungen (Bonn, Germany, 2006); Poetry in Tina Chang,, Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle  East, Asia, and Beyond (New York: Norton & Company, 2008); Poems in Hadaa Sendoo, World Poetry Almanac (Ulaan Bataar: WPA, 2008); Poems in PLAV Monthly Literary Magazine, Prague, Czech (2009); Poems in Hadaa Sendoo, World Poetry Almanac (Ulaan Bataar: WPA, 2011); An Essay in Koreana Literary Magazine (published by Korea Foundation, Seoul, South Korea, 2013).