Cecep Syamsul Hari

Indonesian born Poet & Writer


Cecep Syamsul Hari (Cecep Hari) was born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. His published selected poems in paperback are: Kenang-kenangan (1996);  Efrosina (2002, 2005, 2013) with English edition Euphrosyne (2013): 21 Love Poems: Bilingual (2006, 2013, 2020), Two Seasons: Korea in Poems: Bilingual (2007); Rimbun Dahan: Bilingual, republished as On a Piece of Mersawa Leaf (2013); Perahu Berlayar Sampai Bintang (2009), Menimang Negeri Cahaya with English edition Rocking the Land of Light (2013).


His published creative works including novel, short-stories, and essays. His works also internationally published in several journals and anthologies such as: Heat Literary International (Sydney, Australia, 1999), Beth E. Kolko’s Writing in an Electronic World: a Rhetoric with Readings (United States: Longman, 2000), Harry Aveling’s Secrets Need Words: Indonesian Poetry 1966-1998 (United States: Ohio University Press, 2001), Wasafiri (London, England, 2003), Orientierungen (Bonn, Germany, 2/2006), PLAV Literary Magazine (Prague, Czech, 2009), Hadaa Sendoo’s World Poetry Almanac (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2007 and 2011 Edition).


His translations works, among others are: Para Pemabuk dan Putri Duyung (selected poems of Pablo Neruda, 1996); Hikayat Kamboja (selected poems of D.J. Enright, 1996); Ringkasan Sahih Bukhari (Summarized Sahih al-Bukhari, first edition in 1997); Rumah Seberang Jalan (selected short stories of R.K. Narayan, 2002); Perajin Kaca Seratus Puisi  Hongaria (100 selected Hungarian poems, 2009).  He is also editor of Kisah-kisah Parsi/Persian Tales (C.A. Mees Santport and H.B. Jassin, 2000); Horison Sastra Indonesia/A Perspective of Indonesian Literature (with Taufiq Ismail, et.al; four volumes, 2003); Horison Esai Indonesia/A Perspective of Indonesian Essays (with Taufiq Ismail, et.al; two volumes, 2004), etc.


He is a guest writer in several countries in Asia, Europe, and in Australia Continent.  He is the founder of Majalah Online Sastra Digital  and Penerbit Buku Sastra Digital.


He can be reached by phone and WhatsApp at this number:+62 858-6260-5185 or his email: cecepsyamsulhari[at]gmail.com. His official website: https://www.cecephari.com. 


Cecep Syamsul Hari

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